Flight planning
Our flight planning service runs on AvNet, a network that is linked to the Internet. Requests for flight plans can be made online from our website or using one of the products such as OMS or AvBrief. The requests are transmitted to the server via the Internet, processed and transmitted back to the user. AvNet provides fast, reliable and accurate flight plans to airlines, enabling optimised fuel usage, reduce operating costs and enhance decision making and safety in the cockpit.
Performance Analysis
A critical part of any flight planning program is to actively monitor actual against planned performance to ensure up-to-date perfomance degradation factors are applied. It also allows negative trends to be identify and mitigated  early preventing a long-term impact. Software tools are provided to assist with this.
Route Evaluation
This service is offered to existing clients. Using our extensive database of navigational data and weather we are able to calculate aircraft performance for new routes clients wish to explore.
Cost Index
In consultation with the operator Flightdeck Software and Support will calculate the aircraft cost indices on routes allowing the aircraft to be operated at optimum speeds.
Monitoring Tools
Flightdeck Software and Support provides various tools to assist in monitoring fuel usage, generating reports and determining sector costs.
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