The AvNet flight planning system is suported by a number of client products listed below.
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Product Description Remarks
  AvNet Flight Planning (AFP) Over the past 20 years the AvNet flight planning has proven its accuracy and reliability and is one of the most accurate products in its class.

Significant cost savings can be provided through AvNet's accuracy as well as using the feedback and analysis systems and high levels of automation through products below.

Navdata is updated through controlled ARINC 424 data, AVN prognostic weather data updated four times a day and aircraft manufactures data sourced electronically where available.

Features include configurable company fuel policies, optimised flight level selection, customised navlogs, ETOPS planning, tankering cost analysis, FPL generated and user commands to modify default settings.

Route NOTAMS and surface weather can be included on the navlog.

The primary server is backed up by a redundant server.

Includes browser access and management tools  
Product Screenshot Remarks
  Operations Management System (OMS) Automates retrieval and printing of navlogs paired by commander based on schedule time. It also manages crew information, monitors crew qualifications and warns when they about to expire.

ATC FPL can be automatically submitted  for each flight (file2fly account holders).

Provides a central repository for operational data.
OMS Core client product  
  Flight Watch Graphic interface for monitoring flights and editing pre and post flight details. Shows status for both planning and for flight watch. Automatically adjusts display and warns if late departures predicted. FW Optional, OMS required  
  Tracking and Reports Recording and reporting on performance monitoring, flight times, pax loads, fuel used, uplifts, etc.   Optional, OMS required  
  AvReport Visual reporting tool, used for drilling down on data such as monitoring aircraft performance and fuel usage per route or aircraft. Displays data as spot points, averages or summed. Allows filtering e.g. per type, tail or commander. Requires Tracking/Reports. REP Optional, OMS required  
  AvBrief Graphic flight planning product developed for airline route planning and navlog retrieval for charter operators. Routes can be saved for future use. Off-line planning is possible using the program's database of waypoints, airways and FIRs. AVB Standalone product  
  AvQuote Provides ability to quick generate quotes based on calculated navlogs. All rates managed by company per aircraft type and fully editable. AVQ Optional, AvBrief or OMS required  
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